Our Team

NCAT Staff and Support Team

Jonathan Beck
Director | Principal Investigator
Anton Bergee
Assistant Director
Chelsea Bladow
Equity & Inclusion Communications Director
Zach Bladow
Information Technology Specialist
Havie Lee
Administrative Specialist
Andrew Dahlen
VEX Robotics Coordinator | Manufacturing Instructor
Thomas Biller
DRONETECH Director | Avionics Unmanned Systems Specialist
Steve Sorenson
Geospatial Analysis Instructor

Co-Principal Investigators

Chris Hadfield
Co-Principal Investigator
Jill Zande
Co-Principal Investigator
Zackary Nicklin
Co-Principal Investigator
Ben Richason
Co-Principal Investigator

Senior Personnel

Ben Cruz
Senior Personnel
Vincent Dinoto Jr.
Senior Personnel
Mark Gill
Senior Personnel

NVC Members

Todd Colten
Founder Chief Aerospace Engineer – Sentera
Brad Hayden
Founder and CEO – Robotic Skies
Mike Hanson
Director – North Valley Career and Technology Center
David Hambleton
Program Manager – Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
Justin Manley
Founder and Consultant – Just Innovation, Inc.
Chad Sheets
Lead Technical Training Instructor - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Performance Institute
Kapil Madathil
Director | Technology Operations - CA2VES
Wing Cheung
Faculty | Principal Investigator - Palomar College
Mel Cossette
Director - MatEdU
Andrew Shepherd
Executive Director | Chief Scientist - Sinclair Community College
Steve Kane
Chairperson | Director - SpaceTEC


Manjari Wijenaike
Independent Consultant
Sandra Mikolaski
Independent Consultant