CA2VES Digital Learning Solutions

VR for Safety Training

The Center for Aviation and Automotive Technology Education using Virtual E-Schools (CA2VES) is a NSF funded center that provides technology and curriculum resources to support learning in a virtual classroom environment. CA2VES is located at Clemson University in South Carolina, serves as a state, regional, and national resource for 2-year college e-learning research, professional development, and advanced curriculum based on the latest neuroscience principles, to help educate and prepare a sustainable, multi-skilled technological workforce for manufacturing technician and engineering technology careers. Digital learning solutions developed by CA2VES’ include high-impact, hands-on virtual reality and 3D visualizations and also focus on engaging, computer enhanced teaching techniques, and hands-on laboratory experiences; the combination of which offers student-centered, contextual, authentic learning experiences. We discuss some of the lessons learned from the development of such virtual reality based experiences to support e-learning.